Reat’s Hardcore Supermod Overhaul

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Version 1.6

Reat’s Hardcore Supermod Overhaul (RHSO) for Torchlight 1 is the only gameplay mod you’ll need. The focus of the mod is to make playing hardcore both a challenge and fun, as many of the changes and additions were inspired by rogue-like games. RHSO is for those who want a rogue-like challenge, the idea of tactical use of skills, limited healing, and heavily specialized equipment that make for interesting choices. A lot of content is added and balanced, especially skills, spells, potions, and item affixes. There are also a lot of quality of life mods included, such as fish from barrels and no white drops, so this is really the only mod you need to install – other than skins, dungeon chunks, and new monsters, I suppose

The difficulty of RHSO is to not be underestimated. On your first play through, I suggest normal difficulty. More casual players should stick to easy. If you’re up for the challenge, give hard a try. Very hard, though, is just that – very hard. Don’t expect to survive on very hard with a half-hearted attempt, you’re going to have to be on the defensive from start to finish if you intend to win. Normal or Hard would be more enjoyable for most players, simply because you don’t have to spend so much effort (and talent points) on you defenses, and you can focus on killing things.

I’ve included an alternative file for the mech-crawlers (first Alchemist summon), so they don’t make noise while walking around – located in sounds\Character\mechcrawler_alt, just rename mechcrawler_alt to mechcrawler and it should remove the walking noises completely. If you want them back, just add the _alt to the end of the file and they should return.

Version 1.6
– Base shield block % reduced to 10% from 20%
– Damage of 2-handed weapons moderately reduced
– Fixed level requirements for drain trap
– Several affixes that reduced weapon speed have had that value reduced
– Shield potions now have increased levels up to 60
– Traps (props) are now much deadlier
– Health potions are now twice as common
– Mana potions are now half as common
– Town Portal spells are now less common
– Fixed damage formulas for a few Vanquisher melee skills (lower than they should have been)
– Minor balance tweaks

Version 1.5
– new recipes: 1 health and 1 mana potion convert into 1 shield potion
– vanquisher now has a new trap skills: Poison Spore Trap
– potions now have a minimum level to use
– Drain Trap returned to vanilla skill
– gambler items now guaranteed to be blue drops, price increased
– new icons for old and new potions
– potion of shielding introduced, prevents as much damage as health potions heal for thier level, twice as rare as mana potions
– rare potions now more common, some have had effects reduced
– overall potion drop rate reduced a bit, especially health potions
– item affixes now scaled so that a smaller number but higher level affixes occur more commonly
– vanquisher now starts with a pistol and sword
– new spell pyro claws added to vanquisher rogue tree
– new spell ember wave replaces pyre
– pyre field effect rolling into ember strike spell, initial damage and stun duration reduced
– four new item affixes: Controlling, of the Trickster, Unholy, of the Cult
– amethyst’s degrade armor value increased
– charcoal’s potion effiency value increased
– sapphire now increases casting speed when socketed in a weapon
– ruby now increases critical chance when socketed in a weapon
– emerald now causes flee on hit when socketed in a weapon
– citrine now causes stun on hit when socketed in a weapon
– diamond now increases block chance when socketed in a weapon
– burn damage increased
– health leech on items returned to normal values
– leech item penalties changed to reduced weapon speed
– penalites to speed reducing boots reduced
– archer and warrior skeles now have more equipment variety
– archer skeles should be working correctly now
– resistall spell now lasts 5 minutes with a 4.5 minute cooldown
– health regeneration item affixes return
– warrior skeles survivability toned down, should stay closer to caster for better tanking, cooldown increased
– enchanter can now offer 2 enchantments on items, although price has been increased
– fixed Spectral Bash so it can be used with a staff

One new gem, and all gems have trinket affixes now. Each gem will be detailed in a weapon, armor, trinket format.
Amethyst – degrade armor effect, dexterity bonus, reduced ranged weapon requirements
Charcoal – increased potion efficiency, max health bonus, max mana bonus
Citrine – stun on hit chance, electric resistance, increased electric damage %
Diamond – increased block chance, armor bonus, reduced armor requirements
Emerald – flee on hit chance, poison resistance, increased poison damage %
Eye – mana steal, magic bonus, reduced magical item (staffs, wands, trinkets) reqirements
Fang – increased pet damage %, increased pet armor %, increased pet health %
Pearl – damage reflection, strength bonus, reduced martial weapon requirements
Pyrite – increased magic drop %, increased gold drop %, increased fihing luck %
Ruby – increased critical hit chance, fire resistance, increased fire damage %
Sapphire – increases casting speed, ice resiatance, increased ice damage %
Silver – increased attack speed %, increased movement speed %, increased pet speed % and reduced pet departure time %
Skull – life leech, defense bonus, increased casting speed %
Topaz – critical damage bonus, increased fame gain %, increased XP gain %


Healing, Rejuvination, of Regeneration, of Endless Life – chest, shield, and rings, regenerates health per second
Null, Silencing, of Antimagic, of the Inquisition – weapons only, causes silence on hit
Rusty, Serrated, of the Thresher, of the Serial Killer – weapons and shoulders, causes damage over time on hit
Cursed, Evil, of the Monkey Paw, of the Demon Pact – weapons only, increases damage done and damage taken by a large percentage, also provides flee on hit
Bard’s, Idol’s, of the Rock Star, of the Super Freak – helms and necklaces, increases fame gain by a %
Heal leech items – weapons only, all health leech items now cut your max health by a % while equipped
of the Mindflayer, of the Abomination – weapons only, renamed mana leech items, all mana leech items how cut your max mana by a % while equipped
Herbalist’s, Medic’s, of the Chemist, of the Alchemist – belts and rings, increases potion effectiveness by a %
Steel Toe, Cement, of the Mountain, of the Continent – boots only, increases block by a %, decreases movement speed by a %
Budding, of Love, of Happiness – chest and shield, increases health by a %
Wondrous, of Possibility, of the Planeswalker – helmet only, increases mana by a %
Prism, Chromatic, of Rainbows – belt and rings, increases all resistances
Rabbit’s, of the Race Car – boots only, increases speed by a %
Reflecting, of the Mirror, of Spell Reversal – shield only, increases missile reflection by a large %
Feathered, Graceful – boots only, increases missile reflection by a small %
Alpha, Commander’s, of the Pack, of the Legion – helmet and necklace, increases all pet damage by a %
Mother’s, Advisor’s, of Assistance, of Coordination – belt and ring, increases all pet health by a %
Tactician’s, Commando’s, of Flagbearing, of the Chieftain – shoulders and ring, increases all pet armor by a %
Winged, Herd, of the Flock, of Migration – boots and ring, increases all pet movement speed by a %
Keen, Vorpal, of Assassination, of Torture – weapon, necklace, and helmet, increases critical hit damage by a %
of Bloodlust, of Soul Reaping – melee weapons only, increases critical hit chance, critical hit damage, and causes a poisoned status on hit
Blessed, Holy, of Righteousness, of Divine Protection – shield only, reduces damage taken by a %
Dwarven, of the Stone Golem – chest only, increases armor by a very large % but reduces max mana to 0 while equipped
Paper, Insubstantial, of the Trade Winds, of the Tornado – boots only, increases movement speed by a large % but reduces armor by a % as well
Aiming, Homing, of the True Strike, of Perfect Form – weapons only, greatly increases critical hit rate but reduces weapon speed by a %
Parrying, Evading, of Fencing, of Ripose – weapons only, increases block by a small %
of Angelic Grace, of Salvation – shield only, increases defensive spell mastery, max mana, and damage reflection
of the Red Mage, of the Mage Knight – polearms only, increases offensive spell mastery, max mana, and all magical damage caused by a %
of the Ranger, of the Beast Master – bows, xbows, rifles, and polearms, increases charm spell mastery, max mana, and pet movement speed by a %
of the Drake, of the Dragon – weapon only, increases fire resistance, causes fire damage and burning on hit, increases all fire damage done by a %, reduces ice resistance by a lot
of the Yeti, of the Yuki-onna – weapon only, increases ice resistance, causes ice damage and freeze on hit, increases all ice damage done by a %, reduces fire resistance by a lot
of the Plague, of the Grim Reaper – weapon only, increases poison resistance, causes poison damage and increases damage done on hit, increases all poison damage done by a %, reduces electric resistance by a lot
of Ball Lightning, of the Tempest – weapon only, increases electric resistance, causes electric damage and stun on hit, increases all electric damage done by a %, reduces poison resistance by a lot
of Health – helmet and trinket, increases Healthy skill
of Elemental Resistance – helmet and trinket, increases Elemental Resistance skill
of Sprinting – helmet and trinket, increases Sprinted skill
of Lightning Attacks – helmet and trinket, increases Lightning Attacks skill
Bouncing, Very Bouncing – chaos gem, increases block %
Frenzy, Very Frenzy – chaos gem, increases all damage by a small %
of the White Mage, of the Paladin – staff only, increases defensive spell mastery, max mana, max health, increased potion effectiveness
Elven, of the Will o’ Wisp – chest only, increases elemental resistance by a lot, reduces armor by 50%
Tacky, Ornate, of Craving, of Greed – belt only, large increase in gold/magic drop, smaller decrease in fame/experience gain
Begging, Renouncing, of Poverty, of Humility – Helmet only, large increase in fame/experience gain, smaller decrease in gold/magic drop
Charming, Controlling, of the Trickster, of Suggestion – staff only, low chance to convert enemies on hit
Wicked, Unholy, of the Cult, of Fear – staff only, low chance to cause flee on hit

In addition to these new affixes, many existing affixes were tweaked or made more interesting. All existing elemental damage for weapons now adds an apropriate status effect as well, for example.

Ember Wave – alchemist skill, creates a wave of energy that damages enemies and knocks them senseless. Modified version of the mod of the same name.
Pyro Claws – vanquisher melee skill, throws a set of hunting claws enchanted with fire that quicky seek out nearby targets. Modified version of the mod of the same name.
Poison Spore Trap – vanquisher trap skill, hurls a device that spreads noxious spores in a wide radius, causing damage over time and having a xx% chance to send victims running in fear.


HEALTHY – +4% maximum HP and +4 HP per second per skill point, +40% maximum HP and +40 HP per second at maximum skill level.
SPRINTER – +4% movement speed per skill point, +40% movement speed at maximum skill level.
ELEMENTAL RESISTANCE – +10 resistance for each element per skill point, +100 elemental resistances at maximum skill level.
LIGHTNING ATTACKS – +4% attack speed per skill point, +40% attack speed at maximum skill level.
ADVANCED SPELLCASTING – +4% maximum Mana and +1 Mana per skill point, +40% maximum Mana and +10 mana per second at maximum skill level.


STUN SHOCK – offensive spell, create numerous electric bolts that stun and damage enemies nearby the caster. Highly randomized damage, just like electric damage should be.
SLOW – defensive spell, similar to Silence spell, but reduces movement speed, attack speed, and casting speed.
MAGIC SHIELD – defensive spell, blocks all damage for a short period of time with a long cooldown.
SUMMON SPIDERS – summons a pack of spiders that attack anything in sight. Modified version of the same named mod by Hyzenthlay1701.


RHSO should be compatible with any mod that adds cosmetic weapons, armors, ect. As long as the items added don’t also add their own base files, everything should work fine. Any mod that adds new monsters, dungeons, or chunks should be fully compatible with RHSO. Mods that add new classes, spells, potions, gems, skills, will probably not be compatible with RHSO. Which is to say, they will all probably work with RHSO, but may have different values that will screw with the balance I’ve placed in RHSO.

It should go without saying, but with a mod of this scope and magnitude, I heavily suggest starting a new game with RHSO.

More Info in the Readme.


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