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Celestial: Solar Eclipse is a game I’m developing using RPG Maker VX Ace. It is still early in development, but has a demo you can download! Note: this demo does not contain the RTP, which is a separate download used by the game maker. The RTP can be downloaded and installed here:

Demo01 Link:


Celestial is set in a world of political upheaval. The long standing Celestial Federation has been engulfed in a civil war, as the Solars who control the government wish to maintain power over the Lunars, who are fighting for succession from the federation. The rest of the world watches as the greatest nation in the known world is sundered from within. These people – the Solars and Lunars, are unique from the other peoples. They are the only people who can channel magic from within, as they can call forth the power of the sun and moon. The rest of the world relies upon Alchemy, an ancient science that uses material reagents to brew potions and craft magical trinkets. It is from this war-torn country that our characters hail from. As they are forced to pick sides and fight to defend their people, the nature of a war that pits brother against brother plunges the moral victories into a sea of greys. Decisions will be made, battles will be fought, and political secrets will be revealed. The solar eclipse is figurative – for it is the Solars and Lunars who fight to dominate the same world.


Celestial will follow many of the conventions of a typical RPG – front view turn based battles, health, mana, experience, etc. Here are some of the major points of interest that challenge those conventions:

Alchemy: Alchemy is a form a magic that uses reagents – items – that are gathered from nature and looted from enemies. Alchemy creates potions and bombs in the same manner as a typical magic system would cast spells – potions and bombs are not so much as created, as they are brewed and used immediately. Alchemists can also create multiple use equipment, such as Trinkets.

Trinkets: Trinkets are a like a mix between materia from FF7 and blue magic. Trinkets are crafted by reagents and when equipped, allow the wielder to cast a specific spell that whatever dropped the reagent could as well. For example, one of the first monsters in the game is a plant that casts a weak party heal, and drops soothing flowers. Craft ten soothing flowers along with another reagent lets you cast that same healing spell on whichever character has the trinket equipped.

Controlled Random Battles: Fights in general will be less frequent than usual for an RPG. The tall grass mechanic as seen in Pokémon, where random fights only happen in certain tiles, is in place in Celestial. The reason for this is that while there may be less fights, each one is designed to be harder than your typical RPG. Each random battle is designed to be interesting and requiring strategy.

Secrets Galore: Always a popular feature in RPG, Celestial will feature a secret treasure in almost every dungeon. Some of these require searching nooks and crannies, while others are in plain sight, but require a puzzle to obtain.

Mini-bosses: Like secrets, mini-bosses will be another common feature. These are obvious and optional bosses designed to test your skill. If you’re not up for the challenge, they can be skipped. Defeating them will reward lucrative reagents and other items.

Romance/Friendship: the final main feature, Celestial will have an intricate romance/friendship system, where the plot relevant choices you make effect how others perceive you. This can have major impact on the plot, as characters may go their separate way, learn new skills, and make plot-changing decisions depending on how they perceive you.


Reat Caher is a young man trained as an alchemist by his Lunar mother, a Master Alchemist. He has spend his youth in the family homestead, far away from the problems of the world. He is polite and considerate, but tends to make hasty decisions when he’s out of his element. His compassion draws him into the war as he saves a Lunar Knight, Vivian, and deceives the Solar Knights to protect her while she recovers. Once his ruse is found out though, Reat realizes he is now an enemy of the Celestial Federation as well. Conflicted over his allegiances, he sets out to find his Solar grandfather, a general in the Solar army, to try and find a way to stop the bloodshed.

Vivian Alcote is a young initiate of the Lunar Knights, and defected from the Federation along with the rest of her order. She is passionate about fighting for a just cause and holds honor and integrity very highly. She is a very capable fighter, but tends to propel herself into situations she can’t handle. Once she is saved by Reat, she feels compelled to protect and guide him to find his grandfather. She is pessimistic he will be able to change the war from doing so, but supports him nonetheless.

Aldrick Suenth has always sought glory on the battlefield. He grew up hearing the old stories of combat and conquest, and always desired to achieve that as well. He never thought he’d have the chance to make himself out as a hero like in the old stories, but he sees this war as his chance at glory. He doesn’t really understand the politics surrounding it, and since he grew up in the overwhelmingly Solar dominated capital, he’s never really had much interaction with Lunars at all. Still, he believes in doing his duty and defending the Federation from threats from within. He is alarmed to find a Lunar Knight and Alchemist sneaking through Solar territory, and resolves to stop them.

Occito Minoc is a journeyman Troubadour who hails from the icy continent of Yeursa. The Troubadour are artists who weave spells through music. He must prove he is worthy of being considered a master Troubadour by traveling the land and crafting one hundred unique songs worthy of acclimation. The problem is though, he is a man with no luck. Although an excellent Troubadour, he brings misfortune upon himself through his own foolishness and poor charisma. He is found by Reat and Vivian on their journey, lost and alone in a dangerous woods after being thrown overboard by Solar Knights on a river boat, thanks to a poor choice of words about the recent military activities. He joins them in their travels as he sees a good inspiration for his music in their journey.

Anemone grew up on the streets of the capital, and never knew who her parents were or even her last name. She was forced into thievery just to survive as a child, and has grow up into a very competent burglar. She left the capital after the warrants for her arrest grew too numerous, and now looks for easy money any way she can get it – which usually means highway robbery, as she is highly competent with her daggers. She looks out for no one other than herself – at least that’s what she tells others.

Dianna Troch was born spiritually gifted. She was taken to a secluded monastery as a child shared by both Solar and Lunar Mages to train her in her arts properly, when it was revealed that she had a true gift – she could channel both Lunar and Solar magic. She was recognized as the Oracle – a revered individual born only once a century, and has been kept in solitude, ignorant of the troubles going on in the world around her. Spending so much of her life in a calm, controlled environment, she is kind and meek, but with a strong inner will that allows her to persevere through adversity. She is thrust into the war when her monastery is taken over by the Solar Knights, and the Lunar Mages there imprisoned, with the Solar Knights after her life as well.


2 comments on “Summary and Download

  1. Nice game you got here but the demo is way too short. You are supposed to show people what makes your game unique and good but all I could see was the alchemy system (which is quite good btw). You need to show people more features, the alchemy system is not enough. Also, you need to make the flowers (the ones used for healing) slightly harder to obtain. I felt like I had unlimited potions because getting those flowers was too easy and I never ran out of them. I was getting more than I could use (always at 99).
    Another thing that worries me is the battle interface. It’s okay to use a simple interface with no animated battlers but you must replace the character faces with pictures of their full bodies. It just feels weird to be at the battle interface and all you can see is your character face. You can see the full bodies of the monsters you fight against but your characters are just small portarits at the bottom of the screen.
    One last thing, there were a few ortographical and grammatical errors in some of the dialogues but I’m guessing you will re-check the dialogues before releasing the full version 😛

    • Thanks for giving it a review! I didn’t want to make the game too hard at first (especially before you get to the first town), so I wanted healing items to be common. I’m sure I’ll give the game a balance check a few more times as I develop it though, so I’ll see if I want to reduce the flowers. My guess is that they drop too commonly from the easiest monsters, making them too easy to farm? I like the idea of using the character sprites instead of faces, reminds me of Lufia 2.

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